This Friday’s Alhambra First Friday is cancelled as they have no need of more volunteers :(

BUT! For the month of December, Alhambra will be hosting another First Friday (December 6th), and we’ll be volunteering for that First Friday instead!


Happy Halloween!

Tomorrow, and for the rest of this weekend, is CNH CKI’s annual Fall Training Conference, held at Old Oak Ranch in Sonora, California. If you didn’t sign up and pay for this event, unfortunately, you can no longer sign up to attend this event! Yesterday, a spot opened up for FTC, but it may be filled and no longer available.

If you’re bummed that you can’t attend FTC, fear not! This weekend we have two service events: Alhambra First Friday and AbilityFirst’s Halloween Social! Info on these events are available on the website.
(Note: There isn’t much information on the Alhambra First Friday, but as soon as it’s available, the website will be updated!)

Next week, however, there’s two types of events; a service event and a fundraiser. In the morning and the rest of the afternoon is Adelante Youth Conference, held on PCC’s Campus. And that night and Sunday morning, is UCSD CKI’s annual Masquerade Ball. Once again, there’s more info on the website, but a note on M-Ball: If you haven’t paid for your ticket and you cannot find any of the club officers before they leave for FTC, you won’t be able to attend M-Ball as they will be paying for the tickets for M-Ball at FTC.

And last, but not least: The next Foothill Divisional Council Meeting will be held on November 16th and will be hosted by CSULA CKI. Again, when more details are released, the website will be updated!

P.S. If there’s any question you’d like to ask, feel free to leave a question via tumblr/twitter/e-mail/facebook, and we’ll answer to the best of our abilities! We might even answer your question with a youtube video, haha


Divisional Event Updates

Another website update! [You can find more information on the following events on our website]

  • At the start of this weekend, meaning Friday, CalPoly Pomona CKI will be hosting their first Awake-a-thon. Beginning from Friday, 7PM to Saturday, 7AM, this 12 hour event will be filled with all sorts of activities, from games to service events, and an early morning sunrise hike!

Proceeds of Awake-a-thon will go towards the ELIMINATE Project.

  • Sunday morning, the Foothill Division will be walking AIDS Walk! AIDS Walk aims to fundraise for funds to research a cure for and fight HIV/AIDS.

If you cannot attend this event, we ask that you donate what you can to our fundraising team! http://bit.ly/foothillaidswalk13

  • Last but not least, on Saturday, Oct. 26th, the division will be hosting a FTC Spirit Prep Day at CalPoly Pomona’s Vista Bonita Suites!

And just one last thing!

  • Early registration for CKI South has been closed! You may still attend but at the cost of $8. You don’t have to be a member of CKI to join us for this event.

CKI South will be held on October 19th at Stanton Park, Stanton, CA and net profits will be going towards Pediatric Trauma Program.


Kickin’ it with the Kiwanis Family: Circle K Spotlight: Speak, Stand, and SOAR!!


By Karl Resurreccionimage

In order for me to explain why I joined Circle K, I must recall back to when I was in High School and when I first joined the Kiwanis Family. I was shy, hesitant, and almost completely nervous to speak up in class, to make new friends, and to adjust to the…

'ey! It's Karl from LACC CKI :D

Source: cnhkfam


Foothill September DCM (at Arcadia County Park)

hosted by PCC CKI

Source: rahlecxs
  • 9/28 - Foothill Divisional Council Meeting
  • 10/5 - Enrich LA Garden Build Day
  • 10/5 - Eagle Rock Music Festival
  • 10/6 - Foothill Adopts-an-Intersection @ CicLAvia: Heart of LA

3/4 of these events are service events! And, what? Two of the events are on the same day? But wait, did you check the info on our website?

There’s more information on all of these events on pcccki.weebly.com



It’s been a while, but we’re back!

The website’s also been updated to match our theme for the year which is Wreck-It Ralph!

Make sure to check out the upcoming events page to see what’s coming up soon!



Hello everyone!

If I’ve timed this correctly, and if tumblr didn’t have any glitches, then it should be 12 P.M., Monday, April 29th 2013, which means we’ve (hopefully) survived the first 12 hours of Finals Week!

PCC CKI would like to wish not only our members but all PCC students the best of luck for finals!

Other than that, we’d just like to say that though the Spring Semester is ending and we won’t be having general meetings until Fall 2013, we’ll be updating the website as much as we can and you can also expect to get updates from our board through e-mails and facebook!

A couple of updates that have been made to the website are:

New events, such as:

  • Los Angeles Asian-Pacific Film Festival
  • Rosemary Children’s Services’ “Evening with Star Chefs”
  • PCC CKI 2012-2013 End-Of-The-Year Banquet
  • Foothill Division May DCM
  • LACC CKI Movie Night
  • Spring Training Conference South
  • Large Scale Service Project
  • International Convention

And there are also minor tweaks throughout the website, like text formats and whatnot.

Hours for the 2012-2013 should have been totaled (and if you achieved enough to earn an MRP award, you should’ve received your award), so those were also updated (by the ‘12-‘13 MD&E chair & Treasurer, Kentaro Ueda).

I guess that’s everything the website’s been updated on so, on that note, good luck to everyone taking finals and we’ll see our CKI peeps soon!

P.S. If you’re wondering why the website’s theme hasn’t been updated, it’s ‘cause we’re going to go for International Awards! We gotta keep it like this for a while but rest assured, before Fall comes, we’ll update the theme too.

Photo Set

Past events! Kiwanis One Day Stop Hunger at Downey High School & Walk to Stop MS

Pleasepay your Springtime Flingtime Date/Service Auction fees by the end of April!